Foutas sponge

It is precisely the linen that was missing to complete your collection of foutas. The beaches,

baths, saunas and hammams are all places where you will go from now on,
without having to bring all the usual bundle - beach towel, towels and extra
bathrobe ! Well, like the classic fouta, the sponge fouta is also a
multifunction all-in-one fabric: bed set or bath mat, towel for your guest or
bath cape, poncho or maxi bath linen, it really adapts to all uses.

The characteristics of the terry towel

Lightweight and with a high absorption capacity, the terry-lined fouta is a towel
cotton, with a light weight. Like the large foutas , it is between 1 and 2 m
length. It is made using a flat cotton, honeycomb or jacquard weave and
has hand-woven fringes which make it very elegant.

Use the sponge-lined fouta

Are you on the lookout for new decorating trends? You were able to find all the accessories
to coordinate the bolster with your towels and even your washcloth? The
guest towel is reminiscent of the Egyptian cotton cushion cover that adorns the chair pad of
the guest room? And the pure cotton pillow goes perfectly with the bed throw? Then
fouta sponge will complete your interior. You can use it as a sarong, towel
bath or beach towel. It is also useful on the deckchair, to wrap yourself up when you get out of the
swimming pool. The terry-lined fouta is the essential accessory of your toiletry bag!

The fouta in terrycloth, more chic than the towel!

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