Loofah gloves

You only want to order loofah, the minimum is the pack of 120 loofah because the mini basket is 141 â¬, otherwise mix possible with the foutas

No pack are packaged in blister packs of 12 sponges. Some with the back 100% beige cotton, and others with a small mix of cotton and colorful foutas fabrics.

All our loofah are produced at our request in Tunisia, with products grown naturally near Monastir. The cultivation of this plant was launched in this region in 2013 and today reaches a very large capacity able to supply all loofahs producing artisans in the country and also for export.

They are reversible because the back is washing because 100% cotton (without polyester).

High quality finishes, and better price because they are produced in large quantities.

producer exfoliating gloves loofah

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