The jacquards

The fouta is lightweight clothing that you can use for a variety of reasons. Very pleasant to wear, it is tied at the waist, or comforting when you wrap the output of a swim, the fouta offers you well-being and comfort. Depending on the material, and therefore the flexibility and the lightness of your fouta, it is quite possible to use the fouta as it is an outfit original and summer. The specialized site offers an infinite variety of models of foutas, the fouta honeycomb, to the fouta plate, passing through the fouta lurex, or the fouta jacquard The fouta jacquard, a fabric with many benefits The advantage with the fouta jacquard that you find on our website is that the fabric fits perfectly around your silhouette, while also putting your size in value. This characteristic may be explained by the composition of our foutas, which are entirely made up of cotton. Thus, the more modest will be able to knot it easily and enjoy it as a pareo of beach, while the followers of swimming will always find space to lay their towel draped on the sand or at the edge of the pool. Lightweight and minimalist, it fits easily in your beach bag and you can win them in place and effectiveness, since the fouta jacquard has an absorption incomparable. A few minutes in the sun is enough for your fabric draped to dry completely. But the fouta jacquard, this is not only a beach towel. Its strong geometric figures, the fouta pattern is required also as a decorative element inside or outside size. Indeed, on your sofa, bedspread, or to create a reading corner cozy on your terrace, the fouta finds its place in all parts of the house. Our selection of foutas jacquard To enjoy the sun all summer, offers you a wide collection of bath linen and beach to enable you to stay trendy on the beach, while enjoying the benefits of your fouta jacquard. Whatever your style, you'll find on our site the fouta jacquard that best meets your needs and your taste. For example, discover our fouta jacquard Big Diamond dark grey and its side sarong 100 % cotton for optimum comfort. If you're a fan of diving in the pool, its surface sponge you will dry in no time. And if you want that all eyes land on you, please do not hesitate to give the color of your fouta jacquard with that of your shirt. To do this, provides foutas jacquards turquoise, navy blue, light grey, or dark grey. So, don't wait and order now your fouta pattern on our site to receive your towel as soon as possible.

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