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Producer & importer of Tunisian foutas

Reel stock and production in Tunisia. Our warehouse is located in France near Marseille, permanent stock of 25000 foutas.

Our foutas are from of ecological cottons woven only with 100% combed cotton spools (without polyester like recycled) and in order to obtain the best quality we offer carefully produced foutas with hand-knotted fringes.

We offer a large choice of foutas because we are a producer with machines in Tunisia. We create our own models through our design department.

Embroidery possible from of 50 foutas of the same color. Prices from 1.80 € to 2.00 € HT depending on number of points and colors

Our fouta making 1st choice directly from Tunisia WITHOUT INTERMEDIARY, allows us to offer you unbeatable wholesale prices.

Our depot located in the South of France, near Marseille is ideally placed between the Occitania and the French Riviera.

We deliver the foutas everywhere in metropolitan France, Europe and the West Indies (Guadeloupe, Martinique, Saint Martin, Saint Barthélémy) Reunion and according to special request with Quote in the world.

We offer the most wide choice of foutas: L - XM - XL - XXL - lined with sponge - lurex - jacquard and are specialized:

Shop beach items , household linen, hammams, massage parlors, balneotherapy, lodges, non-sedentary traders, and auto-entrepreneurs.

Large foutas, as well as the lined, the kikoys and the accessories are at non-depositable net prices.

Save time choose the lots (additional discount), we compose them for you...

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The fouta is a versatile accessory, originating from the Mediterranean basin, which has gained popularity in recent years well beyond its ...