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A fouta, what is it?

the origin of fouta

A fouta, what is it?

A fouta is a type of traditional fabric native to the Mediterranean region, particularly North African countries such as Tunisia.

History and traditions of an iconic fabric

It appeared in the 13th century and was used to carry babies and pick up olives, also used in hammams. It is a lightweight piece of fabric, often made of cotton, which can be used in a variety of ways. Foutas are often woven with colorful patterns and various designs.

Birth and meaning of the fouta

Foutas are versatile and can be used as a beach towel, bath towel, tablecloths, shawls or even home decoration. They are appreciated for their lightness, their absorption and their quick drying. Due to their growing popularity, foutas are now exported and used around the world, surpassing their initial use in Mediterranean regions. We also find multicolored foutas in organic cotton.

Modern uses of fouta

the XXL fouta accessory is ideal for household linen

Fouta, what does that mean?

Literally Fabrics, fabric

How are foutas made today?

The foutas are woven on looms, and the fringes are hand-knotted by women in remote villages in Tunisia.

What are the different uses of fouta?

Very fashionable today, it is used for the beach, at home for the bathroom, as a sofa throw or bed cover, but also as tablecloths

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