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Personalized foutas

Embroidered & personalized wedding foutas

Embroidered foutas refer to beach or hammam towels, which have been decorated or embellished with embroidery. Foutas originate from Tunisia and are traditionally light, absorbent cotton towels, often used in hammams or as beach towels.

Adding embroidery to foutas is a way to personalize them to your taste. Embroideries can vary in patterns, colors and complexity through text or logos for businesses. Some people choose to have their names, geometric patterns, floral designs, or other decorative designs embroidered on their foutas to make them more unique or elegant.

Personalized foutas can be used in different ways: as beach towels, as light blankets, or even as interior decorations. They are appreciated for their versatility, aesthetics and practicality.

If you are looking for embroidered foutas, you can find them in our online store, we will help you with your formatting, your colors by offering you a visual of your foutas once your choices have been made:

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