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How to wear a fouta?

How to wear a fouta?

The fouta is a versatile accessory, originating from the Mediterranean basin, which has gained popularity in recent years well beyond its traditional borders. Originally, it was a thin towel used in hammams and public baths, but nowadays it has become a summer fashion staple and a popular beach accessory. Here's how to wear it with style!

Different ways to wear the fouta

As a pareo

The XXL fouta is ideal as a beach sarong. To roll it up:

· Take the fouta from the two opposite corners.

· Wrap it around your waist or under your armpits.

· Tie the two ends together tightly.

· The result is simple, elegant and functional.

Like a scarf or shawl

For a summer evening look or to protect yourself from the cool evening wind:

· Fold the fouta in half diagonally.

· Place it on your shoulders.

· Drape both ends over the front or let them hang loosely in the back.

Like a sarong or a dress

Transform your fouta into a chic dress in seconds:

· Wrap the fouta around your body, either at the waist or under the armpits.

· Cross the two ends over your chest (if it is wrapped under the armpits) and tie them behind your neck.

Choosing the right fouta for your style

The cotton fouta vs. the linen fouta

Honeycomb Fouta: Soft and absorbent, it is ideal for use as a towel or for drying off. It often has a slightly embossed texture.

Linen Fouta: Smoother and shinier, it is perfect to be worn as a fashion accessory, such as a shawl or scarf.

Play with patterns and colors

The beauty of fouta also lies in its diversity of patterns and colors. From classic stripes to geometric patterns, there's something for everyone. Choose bright colors for a summer look or neutral hues for timeless elegance.

Tips for keeping your fouta in place

Useful accessories: pins, clips, etc.

To prevent your fouta from slipping, use pins or clips to hold it in place, especially if you wear it as a dress or sarong.

Knots and folding techniques

Learn some basic knots to ensure your fouta stays in place. A simple knot is often enough, but a sliding knot or double knot can provide additional security.

With these tips, you are now ready to wear your fouta in style, whether at the beach, during a summer evening or even in everyday life. Feel free to experiment and find the look that suits you best!

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