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Offer a personalized and embroidered fouta for all occasions

Personalized or embroidered fouta

We specialize in Weddings, communication through objects, stores, Brands, corporate gifts, seminars Etc...

Offer a unique fouta. The fouta is personalized according to your desires, any beach towel is customizable, and the classic embroidered fouta is a very good choice

How to create your personalized fouta? Send us your logo in JPG, PNG, etc. image format. We embroider it directly at the factory on your foutas. Minimum quantity 50 per color and 100 foutas per order. The embroidery is made in Tunisia and requires a delay depending on our production

Price from €1.80 to €2.00 (depending on dimensions, colors and number of points)
Personalized foutas are cotton beach or bath towels, originating from Tunisia, which can be embroidered with specific patterns, colors, logos or texts according to the customer's tastes. These towels are lightweight, absorbent and versatile, making them popular for use at the beach, pool or even as bath towels.
the main productions are for wedding gifts, corporate seminars, hotels, spa, hammam, guest houses and many other uses.
Choose the type of fouta you want to personalize. Foutas are available in different sizes, colors and designs.
It is important to note that delivery times and costs may vary depending on the supplier and customization you choose. Make sure to read the supplier's terms and conditions carefully and check the quality of the product before finalizing your order.
We work with Tunisian artisans who use spools of thread in different colors, ordered from textile professionals. The yarns are not dyed according to a color chart, so there may be a difference in color shade between the color of your choice and the visual provided to you. The same goes for the bobbins used for embroidery. However, the result remains quite close to the BAT.
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